Bridal Nail Art

Brides, show your nails a little love! Got everything planned and done down to the t, now it’s time to prep those nails with some color and glitter!

Here are a couple of bridal nail art designs that will make your hands look stunning. Getting it done through an expert will help you get the right colors and designs to match your wedding outfits.

Dos and don’ts of nail art

Do try on a couple of shades to see what suits your skin tone and the colors of your wedding outfits.

Do stock up. Once you have your perfect shade, make sure you have a bottle of it too, just in case a bit were to chip off before your D-day. If you are going to add a bit of stones, make sure you have a couple of spares with you too.

Gel manicures are the best thing to ever happen; quick to dry and chip free for a few weeks. But make sure you get it done only a day or two before your wedding, since gel nails tend to lose their luster after a few days.

Make sure your start maintaining your hands and nails a couple of weeks prior to your wedding. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! You can’t show up at the manicurist with chewed up, broken and unhealthy nails and expect to leave with gorgeous Instagram worthy nails!

Experiment with nail art a few months before your wedding, just to get the feel of it.

Author: Sujal Kamath

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