Dealing with stress

Have you ever wondered how to deal with stress in todays’ tech crazed world? What it takes to disconnect from the world altogether? Have you ever stopped for a second to observe the small wonders around you?

Get rid of stress with these simple steps;

Working out

Go for a run or a jog. Get out of your house and get some fresh air. Do some yoga or pilates, get a toned and sculpted body. Break into a good sweat and pump out those toxins from within you. Plug into your favorite music and increase those endorphin levels

Don’t fancy a good workout?

No worries! How about something that is more relaxing? Try a facial, a body massage, hair spa or even a manicure/ pedicure. After an hour you can just feel all the stress melting away.

Alone time

Light a few scented candles and play some soft and soothing music. Sit down in any comfortable position and just let your mind wander. Listen to all your thoughts or the sounds inside and outside your home. Listen to the beats of the music. The key here is to think happy thoughts. Doing this for even fifteen minutes every day can boost up your energy.

Go all out with your singing!

Play some peppy upbeat music and sing your heart out. Doesn’t matter who is around you or if you are or are not a Grammy award winner. Can’t do the singing? That’s okay! Fling those arms and legs around and just dance!

And voila! Stress free!

Author: Sujal Kamath

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