Glowing skin for the glowing bride

Want that picture perfect gorgeous skin while saying your vows? Here’s what you need to do to get that flawless skin!

Do go in for high quality protein food such as fish, poultry, shellfish and tofu. Colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains will also do the trick.

Do not however entirely cut down on fat. You could keep snacking on nuts and seeds which will prevent you from getting a dull and dry complexion.

Drink your way to luminous skin with beverages pumped up with antioxidants such as green tea. Six to eight glasses of water everyday keeps your skin moisturized and well hydrated.

Watch out for sugar, processed foods, aerated beverages, baked products and juices as they tend to dull out your skin and also add a couple of pounds. Got a sweet tooth? Can’t stay away from them? Stick to fresh fruits and dark chocolate (70% cocoa).

Exercise! Sweat out those toxins! Pilates, yoga, weight training and aerobics, three to four times a week for an hour can work wonders for your skin. It turns out; athletes have thicker skin and a healthier collagen. When we work out, we rid the body of environmental toxins.

Want in on an anti-aging secret? A good night sleep! That’s all you need to let your skin cells repair any damage done.

Facials! Experts say schedule a series of monthly facials beginning as early as six months before your wedding. To help make sure that your skin looks healthy and perfect on your wedding day they advise your last facial to be no later than two weeks before the big day. Avoid any chemical treatments at least one month prior to your wedding.

Do not experiment with any new skin care products a month before your wedding. Trying out something new may cause skin rashes and cause breakouts. Stick to your regular skin care routine.

Hair removing treatments such as eyebrow threading and waxing should be done three to five days before your big day. Keep the redness and irritations at bay!

And last but not the least, dress rehearsals! The worst thing would be to walk out of a salon on your wedding day to look and feel nothing like you. Keep away those tears and do a trial run with your hair, make up and bridal wear, a week or two before your wedding.

And the most important thing of all – be yourself! Be beautiful!

Begin the routine as early as you can. Go on, make that skin glow!

Author: Sujal Kamath

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